Bettson Peru nabs naming rights for major football league

If you’re a gambling operator, one of the best ways of getting your logo out in the world is to do what Bettson Peru is doing – connect with the local football league. The company recently entered into a deal with country’s big soccer leagues that includes a logo sponsorship on team jerseys and a re-branding for the entire league in the form of a new name – Liga 1 Bettson.

Bettson’s new deal with the Peruvian Football Federation is a big win for both parties and represents the dawn of a new era in Peruvian sports marketing. The deal involves pasting Bettson’s logo on every available surface throughout the game, as well as a commitment from the company to promote responsible gambling. Of course it also involves adding the company’s name to the entire league, which is a pretty impressive deal.

In a press release, reported on by SBC Americas, Benjamín Romero, Marketing and Commercial Manager of the FPF commented on the deal saying, “It is very important for the League that a brand as relevant as Betsson joins us as the main sponsor and that the Peruvian tournament changes the name to Liga 1 Betsson this season. This encourages us to continue the work and add value to the growth of the national sports industry.”

Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group added, “This alliance with the Peruvian Football Federation is a historic step for Betsson Peru. Being part of the first division of professional football is an achievement that fills us with pride, and it also implies a responsibility that we happily shoulder.

“We are aware of the tough times that sport is going through all around the world, and for this reason, through this sponsorship, we are contributing towards the development of Peruvian football this year.”

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