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Carrom is a highly popular indoor game that is believed to have originated in India in the eighteenth century. It is widely played across the country and needs a good sense of angles, along with superb concentration and precision. Once it was played by elders, ladies, and children solely for amusement, but now carrom is played at competitive levels in organized manners. You will even find online carrom club apk earn money download games to keep you entertained.

The Basic Objective Of The Game

People play carrom on square polished plywood boards with a striker made of tough plastic and smaller circular wooden pieces known as carrommen. The main objective of the game is to use that striker with a finger flick to drive those carrommen in any of the four corner pockets. The game is all about pocketing the queen and the carrommen before the opponent and getting the highest points to win.

As mentioned before, the game has moved online now, with mobile screens replacing the plywood boards. The competitive online gaming world has also brought several changes to the gaming rules, though the basic tenets of the game remains the same. And if you plan to play carrom and win money, GetMega is the place where you need to be.

Getmega: Making Carrom More Fun Than Ever

Now, carrom has always been fun and exciting, and GetMega has turned up the fun quotient by a notch by bringing cash prizes in the mix. GetMega Carrom club apk earn money download has become more exciting.

You will have to pocket as many coins as possible and do that faster than the opponents. You can pocket the black or white coins, and the number written on that coin is your score. You can also win big by pocketing the red queen, but make sure there’s a cover behind that.

Though you are playing online, remember that the game still needs skill, strategy, and precision. And sure enough, it packs a solid punch for players at any level. Of course, what makes it even more exciting is that there are real money stakes to win in real time against real players. All you need to do is find the right angle to strike to pocket those coins and win big.

The Top Four Benefits Of Playing Carrom On Getmega

There are more than one benefits of playing carrom on GetMega. Here is listing out the top four benefits of it:

Realistic Gameplay And Smooth Controls

With great physics, user-friendly controls, and a cool theme, playing carrom on GetMega is meant for a smooth and fun gameplay experience on the Android device. Lifelike, unique graphics and intuitive touch controls aid you to aim and accurately strike. It will maximize your fun and you will get to enjoy a fun game minus any worries.

A Table Suited For Everyone

Whether it’s about having some fun or winning a big game, both groups of players would feel right at home in here. The buy-ins range from one rupee to a hundred rupees and more. So, you can start low and slow and go big once you hone your skills.

The Chance To Play With Real Players

GetMega offers you real money carrom games with a hundred percent verified profiles of legally verified age. The games are all played in multiplayer mode in real time, without any tricks or bots ruining your experience. Think of it like an actual game of carrom that comes with big rewards.

The Opportunity For Instant Withdrawals

Anything you win will get credited to the GetMega wallet after the game is done. You can seamlessly withdraw this winning amount using your PayTM wallet or use UPI or send it directly to your bank account. Your winning amount is all yours within minutes when you carrom club apk earn money download.

The Endnote

So, if you have always loved the game of carrom, now is the time to put your skills to test at GetMega. You will get to play your favorite game and win money: that’s a win-win scenario, right? Try your hand at it today and see for yourself.


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