LeoVegas and Relax Gaming collaborate for new online slots feature

Two leading iGaming companies, Relax Gaming and LeoVegas, have teamed up to give players “the greatest gaming experience there is” by giving them even more control over their gaming expereince via exclusive in-house engine, BLAST!

The “fantastically innovative feature” gives LeoVegas players the option to bypass standard spins and animations, while autoplaying more than one of the iGaming supplier and aggregator’s slots at a time. The process continues until the player lands the bonus round, at which time it pauses.

Feature process:

To engage the feature, players need only choose their preferred bet level and then hit BLAST!, allowing them to instantly access their favorite part of the game.

Designed to give players a new way to enjoy all their favorite games, the innovation can be accessed by opening a game and selecting the BLAST! icon which is located at the top of the screen. Once chosen, a lobby containg all of the games that support the feature, which now includes a currated selection of titles from Relax’s sizeable content suite, opens to players.

After a player chooses their games, they select the stake and the number of auto-spins that are required. As gameplay commences, players are able to see their progress in the BLAST! progress bar while the game is running in the background. When a bonus round hits, a notification will appear.

Innovation effort:

In a company presser, Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officcer for Relax Gaming, said they aim to offer “the best and most pioneering ways” possible for players to engage their content and working with a “top-tier operator and respected name” such as LeoVegas provides them them with the opportunity to do exactly that.

“BLAST! is a fantastically innovative feature and it really is an exciting step forward in igaming – we’re delighted to be working alongside such an innovative partner.”

Echoing that, Sam Leggott, Head of Strategy and Business Development for LeoVegas added…

“We want to give our players the greatest gaming experience there is and to do so, we continue to innovate.” Leggott went on to say that adding the new feature to Relax’s top-performing titles provides LeoVegas players “a thrilling new way to enjoy their favourite games.”


New slot release:

The announcement follows the launch of the B2B multi-vertical gaming provider’s latest release, Dead Man’s Trail, which offers a max win per line of x60 the bet and a max simulated win worth a whopping x50,000!

Set amid a dark and dreary backdrop, the 5×4 video slot challenges players to walk in the footsteps of fallen pirates in their quest for untold riches.

Features and wins:

Those that are up to the adventure, travel rough seas through the dark of night thick with fog while carrying 3 bonus symbols as they make their way to the Trail Bonus. Once there, a pirate map unfolds, guiding them through the mysterious markings found on every tile of the treasure map in the bonus round, where one wrong step could mean sudden death or a huge win.

Features are activated in accordance with the position landed, and include multipliers, collection symbols, random coin wins or the worst scenario. When a players returns to the reels and land coin symbols on at least three reels they trigger the Coin Feature, which awards the sum of all the visisble coins.

Relax CPO Hammon had this to say about the launch…

“Dead Man’s Trail is an adrenaline pumping slot with surprises at every turn. Packed with potential for epic rewards, this title will test the fate of players as they sail across a dangerous journey in search of lost treasure.

“We’re really excited to offer this unique title to our players and we’re sure that they will enjoy the wonderfully immersive gameplay.”

In addition to new game launches and series of landmark deals, the firm also notched a win at the February EGR Nordics 2021 Awards for Casino Content Supplier. It also impressed at the 2021 EGR B2B Awards, held July 7th in London, winning in a total of four categories including Bingo Supplier, Innovation in Mobile, Casino Software Provider and Poker Supplier.


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