Top Reasons You Should Play Keno Games

Among online casino games, keno is the most disparaged and criticized game. Even though it’s largely considered to be a lottery game, most people consider keno as just another way for a casino operator to make money.

Players look at their favourite casino games in the same way that investors look at the forex markets. The best thing you can do as a player is to put your money where you expect the biggest investment return. Online keno games is a casino game that many people turn to because they don’t require the skills to play card games such as blackjack, drunk or bored.

Although baccarat is known to have better odds than keno, there are many arguments that have over the years been used to discourage people from playing online craps. But the game has always stuck around.

Considering all these reservations against keno, it’s surprising that there are still players who pay attention to this game. And this might be where some players are missing out on the available opportunities.

As long as you are gambling for fun, any casino game can be a great entertainment. High risk can ultimately turn to higher payoffs. No casino will ever give you even odds.

Despite all the reservations, there are many reasons you should play keno games.

Basics of Keno

There are different keno variations that you can try out. The basics of keno are pretty straightforward. There are some scratch tickets that use “keno” as their name, but work differently from what one could expect.

There are three things that a player should choose while playing keno:

  • The numbers (selected from 1 -80) to wager on in the spots
  • How many spots you should bet on
  • How much to bet (from $1 – $20)

With keno, it’s still possible to win the game without choosing any number.

Every “spot” distribution has a unique paytable. However, if you place bets on five spots, you have to match from3-5 of the numbers that have been drawn. If you are playing a spot game, you should match zero or five to ten drawn numbers.

The smallest game prize payout is at about 4 -1. The biggest game prize usually payout at 1,000,000 to 1.

Based on the game rules, 4-spot, 5-spot, and 6-spot usually have the best odds. You need to check out the payout odds for the games you have chosen to play.

Technically, a keno game might payout differently in every brick and mortar casino, and the lottery games might pay differently from online keno.

A player fills out the card and hands the cards to the retailer selling the games tickets. The game results might be posted online or broadcasted on a monitor based on who runs the game.

1. Keno Risks Are Flexible

As compared to slot machines, keno risks are more flexible. Unlike online slots, one of the benefits of playing keno includes allowing the players to choose their risk level. You don’t have to wager on ten numbers while playing keno. The players who place bets on ten numbers are those expecting maximum payoffs.

Keno is more like roulette or craps than card games or slots. It’s the player who decides what types of bet they want to play. You have better winning chances on slots than when betting on a single number in roulette.

With slots, players wager with a single hypothetical return. However, the return to player rate for baccarat or blackjack depends on the player’s decisions. The same applies to lottery games.

2. Keno Games Are Slow-Paced

Slots players can make multiple bets per hour. As a result, a slots player can deplete a $500 bankroll within minutes. On the other hand, blackjack players can bet on dozens, or probably 100 hands every hour.

With keno, drawings usually happen at rates that vary from about 5-6 minutes per hour. This is not a fast-paced game. The government-sanctioned real money keno games might be played often.

Players looking to take enough time to think about the bets they want to place will have enough time to do so if they choose to play keno games. There is nothing much to think about with slots since the outcome of the game is determined by RNGs.

On the other hand, craps are more challenging to players who want to take time to think and place real money bets in a fast-paced casino game.

3. Keno Is Easily Available

Keno is a more complex lottery game as compared to the usual Mega Millions or Powerball games. Most government lottery authorities usually include keno games in their libraries.

If you are not able to play at a land-based casino, you can choose to play online keno. Many online casinos offer real money online keno games. The good news is that you get to enjoy a wide selection of high-quality keno games.

In government games, keno games happens after every few minutes

In the same way as casino games, government lottery authorities regularly hold keno drawings. Players can comfortably watch their favorite keno games on monitors.

While it isn’t as exciting and loud as a casino, playing keno is more engaging and lively. Many vendors are setting up keno monitors.

4. Keno Is Widely Available

The best thing about the keno game is that they are widely available. There are many places where you can find and play keno games. Not to mention that some restaurants offer keno games. Here you get to play and enjoy your meal at the same time.

Furthermore, some government lotteries offer online keno games. As a result, you never have to feel guilty about online gambling because your local state sanctions keno; you can find an online casino that offers this speciality game and enjoy the time you spend playing your favourite game.

Some online casinos don’t really care where you reside because they accept players from around the world. You can even access an offshore online casino if you live in a country where online gambling is restricted. All the online casinos we have tested offer a wide selection of keno games. In fact, online casinos offer a more diversified selection of keno titles as compared to land-based casinos.

5. Groups Can Enjoy Keno Together

As compared to other lottery games, keno is more social. You can play together with a group of friends and see the outcome in real-time.

You might even come across keno parties where a group of people meets to play this game. They enjoy a show, delicious meals and choose numbers throughout the party.

Some workplaces do have keno office polls. These keno polls are run the same way as lottery ticket polls and sports betting pools.

It’s essential to exercise caution incase you are looking to join one of these keno pools. This is because the people playing or organizing these pools usually get a contract, which clearly dictates the pool requirements, who the members are, and also stipulate how the prize cash would be handled.

There is no doubt that online slots are the most popular casino games. A simple search online, and you’ll find that every online casino offers a wide variety of slots titles. The same applies to land-based casinos, walk into any brick and mortar casino, and you will find many slot machines.

So, how is keno popular? The truth is nobody really knows how many keno players are out there. Still, keno is played nearly in every country across the globe.

Keno is widely available at small retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and bars. This means you can easily make money-playing keno from anywhere.

So, what’s the benefit of playing keno as a highly popular game?

First, knowing that you are playing a great game alongside millions of players is the psychological aspect. Research shows that we feel more comfortable when engaging in an activity that many people also enjoy.

Also, there is the benefit of winning incredible prizes. Virtually, most keno games offer massive jackpots with cash prizes of up to millions of dollars.


Keno might not offer the best winning odds in casino games, but the mid-spot games are not nearly as worthy as the 10-spot game. Professional keno players usually create their effective systems over time.

It’s more exciting to mix up the keno numbers rather than always betting on the bank when playing baccarat. Also, it’s less risky than spinning the reels and pouring credits hundreds of times every hour.

The good news is that you’re almost assured of finding other people who enjoy playing keno in your area.

Overall, keno is one of the most overlooked casino games. With a proper understanding of how the game works, you will find it even more exciting. It’s an excellent option for people who don’t want to play alone.

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